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sungmin helping leader fix his moobs

[INFO] Sukira Super Junior Week: Sept 29 - Oct 3:
Sept 29: Eunhyuk DJ
Sept 30: Kangin DJ
Oct 1: Kyuhyun DJ
Oct 2 & 3 : Secret DJ

old men please.. haha

[140929] SPAO Official Facebook Update - LT, EH, KH

SMTown Poster Goods
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[110928] Shindong & Leeteuk Twitter Updates

@ShinsFriends: We are Super Juni~ or!! …I’m happy because I’m Super Junior… Other people won’t know about it… (that) How happy I am… Although it was a short party at rest stop, the short feeling was the happiness which couldn’t be changed with anything… 9/28

@special1004: @ShinsFriends Shindong ah Happy birthday^^ There isn’t any photo taken by me~but I’m still very happy ! Let’s feel this happiness for a very long time in the future! Thank you! for being Super Junior…!!

@ShinsFriends: @special1004 I’m always so proud!! that there’s ‘Super Junior’ stick before my name!!! hyung I love you!!! ㅋㅋㅋ
awww… thank you for being Super Junior!! ♥ happy birthday, Shindong oppa~^^

[140927] Leeteuk at Sky Festival Concert

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[140927] Leeteuk at Sky Festival

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[140927] Super Junior at MBC Food Bank Sharing Concert

MAMACITA Notebook - LT, HC, KI, SM

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Heechul’s instavid : “If I didn’t enter SM.. I’ll probably become a swordsman.. Hoot.. SM should thank me. #Kimswordsman #crazyguy #32yearsold #actmyage #likemymomsaidwhichcompanywouldacceptafellowlikeme”

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I think Teuk is the one who recorded it.. his laugh is so obvious.. haha